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Reviews about the law company «Aditum»

Reviews about the law company AditumEdward Gibsom / 21.08.2017
Although I have lived in Ukraine as an expat for the better part of two decades, I continue to be confronted with and confounded by, on an all-too-frequent basis, bureaucratic and legal issues and impediments which I would characterise as being largely "cultural residues" of the soviet era.

I consider myself very fortunate to have recently met Marina, lawyer at Aditum Law Firm, who has proven to be extremely helpful in steering a course through such challenges. Marina is practical and solution-oriented. She not only demonstrates a clear understanding of the laws of Ukraine, but also profound practical skills and an experienced approach in addressing and solving specific problems. To this extent, Marina is the only lawyer I have encountered in Ukraine who is very much in tune with the needs of her clients, in a manner which I would expect from a Western lawyer. Marina has an excellent personal command of English. In addition to this, she has an in-house team of experienced qualified translators and interpretors who seamlessly provide formal written and oral translations and documentation as required. Marina and her team of translators recently guided me, smoothly and successfully, through an extensive process involving Ukraine family law and immigration/ residency issues.

Marina’s professionalism, accessiblity, flexibilty, and competitive fees all make me feel extremely comfortable in working with her on all matters of a legal or bureaucratic nature in Ukraine, as well as international legal matters involving Ukraine.
Long-term practice and the experience of successful decisions in favor of our customers is the key advantage of the company «Aditum»
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We appreciate your time, therefore we provide the best solutions for you in the shortest possible time.
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We provide only those services that are in our competence which gives the most effective cooperation with the client.
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We carry every case to the end and make every effort to ensure that the situation is resolved in your favor.
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You can be sure for the safety of your personal and business information which excludes conflicts of interest.

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